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We are offering revenue optimization, complexity reduction and drive, deliver and design solutions for technological projects with a scope of industries like heave manufacturing and machines, technological equipment and wide variety of special purposes constructions, machines and tools:
  • supply of construction units for the manufacture of semitrailers
  • environmentally friendly technology, particularly in the area of water management, with emphasis drilling equipment (Rigs for deep drilling, pumps and drinking water and reservoir management e.g. in the desert countries-, predominantly the Sudan, Libya)
  • renewable energy- Solar technology (e.g. Solar panels, ovens, pumps and thermal management systems)
  • supply of machines and devices for the building industry and for the improvement of the infrastructure of our clients’ countries
  • promoting literacy and education in developing countries, by providing new and used machines and accessories for the printing trade
  • casing and rig movement/management for oil field and geological services with an emphasis on conservation.

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Director: Hassan Manofal


Telephone : +49 (0)6131 - 37 30 01
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